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I am retired and live in Ocean Beach. I was extremely active before knee replacement and was positive that Greg could get me back to my previous life. Greg was fantastic in his training and positive attitude in helping me to achieve my goal, he works your hard. My doctor was very happy with my progress, I could not have done this on my own. I have and will continue to recommend Greg for Physical therapy. He cares and wants to reach your goals, very positive training.

Shirley K. Patient (full knee replacement)

Sonya M. explains how Greg at San Diego Sports Physical Therapy alleviated her nagging hip pain:

Sonya M. former successful patient at San Diego Sports Physical Therapy

Bill K explains how Greg Sterner, PT helped him get back to kiteboarding in less than 3 months post total knee replacement.

Bill K (former patient) 2016Physician

I recently moved to San Diego and had to leave my personal trainer who I had been working with for over 5 years. I had high expectations when I started searching for a replacement. I first looked on Yelp and found that Fitness Together had quite good reviews. From the minute I tried out the facilites, I new I had found an awesome replacement.

The gym is very clean with great equipment – all the TRX, BOSU balls, battle ropes and kettle bells you would hope for. The trainers are super knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. My husband and I work out 2 times a week with Palani – and I couldn’t speak higher of this trainer.

He is the right amount of tough to push you through a hard workout. He is also very kind and understanding of your needs. His workouts are creative and never boring. We even workout outside on nice days. I would 100% reccomend this gym if you want to lose weight, get buff or just feel better! The trainers will focus on your goals, create a program that works with your lifestyle and get you into really good shape!

Kyla O. (San Diego, CA)

I wrote my original review nine months ago. I’m up to 203 sessions and still eagerly look forward to my two sessions a week, even after 2-1/2 years as a client. I still do the majority of my workouts with owner/physical therapist Greg Sterner, but when Greg takes an infrequent hour off to be a caring dad to his one-year old daughter Gabriella, I am trained by resident Superman, Palani Mak without missing a beat. Hopefully I don’t sound too much like a shill, but enrolling with Fitness Together Point Loma was one of the better decisions I have made.

Kenny W. (Point Loma)

After taking some time off, I’m so glad that I got back into my workout routine at Fitness Together. Thanks to Greg, I’m back on track. I look and feel better. The one-on-one attention is totally worth it. Every personal training session is customized for me, goes fast, and gets great results. My only regret is not going back sooner or more often.

Alan H. (San Diego, CA)

What a fantastic personal training center!!! I met the owner, Greg, through a mutual friend a few months back and decided to try out Fitness Together. I have been doing P-90x for a while and consider myself to be in decent shape, but what Greg put me through was like nothing I have done before! He was able to work out muscles I didn’t even know existed and I left the gym feeling like I had never worked out harder in my life! I could tell the workout was totally customized to my needs and body type, and Greg knew exactly when to push me and when to have me slow down.

I felt completely comfortable doing everything because of the confidence I had in him! He’s an incredibly nice guy whose passion for fitness really shows! I’ll be going back to him soon and I encourage everyone else to also!

Cameron K. (La Jolla, CA)

After trusting Yelp to go through average personal training facilities to find the best, I finally found Fitness Together. After getting in touch with the owner Greg, I was scheduled to have a complimentary training session with Carolyn a few days later. I’ve had a personal trainer before, so it was natural for me to compare her to whom I had last at the previous gym I was at. Let me just tell you, she is the MOST fit female I’ve ever met, so the moment I saw her I was like… yes, this woman obviously knows what’s up. We sat down and discussed my goals and it was clear that she understood the needs of a woman. It didn’t take much for me to start meeting with her weekly.

It has been a little over a month since I’ve started seeing her and I have already been seeing major results in my appearance and strength. She never repeats exercises and never stops encouraging you throughout a workout. She takes my diet concerns seriously and has even personally e-mailed me tips to stay on track and printed out cardio circuits because she knows I love running!

The staff as a whole is great. They’ve lent me a roller for my back when I was sore! If you are serious about meeting your fitness goals, I would make it a point to invest in people who invest in you. At Fitness Together you’re investing in trainers that educate you on fitness to use for the rest of your life, so it’s worth it.

Lianna L. (San Diego, CA)