How to Relieve Back Pain in 10 Steps By Andrea Stanley

For anyone who’s ever suffered from back pain (80 percent of you will have some type of back problem, according to the American Chiropractic Association), beating it seems like a giant job that only a powerful dose of meds can handle. While popping a pill may give you a break from the aches, it won’t cure the cause of your chiropractic cricks. But you don’t need to hobble around in discomfort, either. Here’s how to relieve back pain (no prescription needed!)—we’ve got your back.

1.Fight the Hunch

2. Ease Up on the Cocktails

3. Take a Walk

4. Pay Attention to Your Breathing

5. Add Ice (Not Just to Your Back)

6. And Heat, Too

7. Sip Turmeric Tea

8. Try Willow Bark

9. Hit Up a Yoga Class

10. Rub On Capsaicin

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