Knee Pain? Solution: Work your glutes.

Many of us will experience different degrees of knee pain at least once in our lifetime. Factors that can affect the level of knee pain include: faulty movement patterns, muscle force and/or length, posture/alignment and physical activity (occupational, recreational, self-care activities). Many health practitioners choose to treat just the symptoms of knee pain; using modalities […]

Myths Regarding What Physical Therapy Is All About

  With the high demand for quality physical therapy services there still remains many questions and myths to when physical therapy is warranted and how it is delivered to a sometimes misinformed public. A recent survey conducted by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) revealed common misnomers adults have regarding physical therapy: Physical Therapy is […]

Bone Health

Learn about bone health, what it is, what it is effected by, and how to maintain and promote it. This article gives great insight to the importance of bone health published on, a site created by the American Physical Therapy Association. For more questions call us at 619-756-7500!   Physical therapists are experts in […]