Bone Health

Learn about bone health, what it is, what it is effected by, and how to maintain and promote it. This article gives great insight to the importance of bone health published on, a site created by the American Physical Therapy Association. For more questions call us at 619-756-7500!   Physical therapists are experts in […]

How can fitness professionals encourage seniors to strength train?

With increasing age, your body’s ability to absorb calcium decreases, which unfortunately causes an increased risk for osteoporosis. Strength training can help counter bone degradation! Come see us at San Diego Sports Physical Therapy for your strength and rehabilitation needs! 619-756-7500 Frame strength training as solving a problem. Identify why the senior needs more strength. […]


It’s still possible to train even if you have osteoporosis. Read this article from Fitness Together to see how you should train with this condition safely. Then come see us at San Diego Sports Physical Therapy for all of your training and therapy needs! 619-756-7500 When you think about what your body’s bone structure looks […]