Bone Health

Learn about bone health, what it is, what it is effected by, and how to maintain and promote it. This article gives great insight to the importance of bone health published on, a site created by the American Physical Therapy Association. For more questions call us at 619-756-7500!   Physical therapists are experts in […]

Chiropractor vs. Physical Therapy: Effective for the Back

Learn the difference between chiropractic and physical therapy treatments, and their effects for back problems. This article is from and written by Jessica McCahon. For more questions call our studio at 69-756-7500! Photo Credit BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images Physical therapy and chiropractic sessions both treat back pain without drugs or surgery.  Chiropractic sessions and physical therapy […]

Skip the Running: Alternatives to High-Impact Exercises

When it’s time to get back into the gym, running always appears to be one of the best forms of cardio. However, it get be very stressful on your joints. Adrienne Santos-Longhurst gives us some great cardio alternatives in this article posted on For additional questions, give us a call at 619-756-7500! Give your […]