McKenzie Exercises for the Neck

By KEITH STRANGE Overview The McKenzie rehabilitation method is a physical therapy methodology that teaches patients exercises to help manage pain that originates in the spine, according to It is also effective at treating chronic neck pain that is caused by long-term force in one direction by helping to restore range of motion in […]

The Yoga Injury Debate

If you do yoga, do you experience any injuries? Come see us at San Diego Sports Physical Therapy to get back on track, To yoga or not to yoga seems to be a common question for individuals. The debate is heating up in both trade and consumer publications, each explaining various relevant perceptions. The controversial […]

Posture Tips for Moms

If you’re a busy mom with little ones running around, the stress and activity may wear you down. Don’t let your back suffer! Take a look at this article and video from MoveForwardPT so you can maintain the best posture and prevent back injuries! If you would like to learn about more tips on how […]