Desiree McKenzie from Livestrong shows us exercises to help with your posture and back muscles. IF you sit at a desk all day, these exercises may be especially beneficial for you! Healthy back muscles leads to healthy posture. Exercises that strengthen the back muscles lead to better posture. A slumped posture not only limits the […]

What are Good Exercises for Those with Bad Knees?

We’re always talking about knees and knee pain, but how can you not when your knees do so much for you? If you have knee pain, here are a couple exercises by Brian Sabin to try at home. If you’re experiencing more pain, come see us at San Diego Sports Physical Therapy today! Knee pain […]

Pilates for Stretching and Strength

What’s so great about Pilates? Read this article from ACE Fitness to find out! Come visit us at San Diego Sports Physical Therapy to see if Physical Therapy and Pilates are right for you. Pilates Primer Are you wondering what all the fuss over Pilates is about? Used traditionally by dancers for deep-body conditioning and […]