Physical Therapy for Shoulder Impingement & Tendonitis

Shoulder inflammation can be painful, and should be taken care of. It is common among swimmers, or sports where arm swings and shoulder rotation are used consistently. Here are a few exercises explained by Jessica Wellons in an article posted on, to help strengthen your shoulder and thus prevent shoulder impingement and tendonitis. For questions, call us at […]

Physical Therapy Exercises for Core Stabilization

You probably use your core more than you realize. Core strength is extremely important and necessary balance, it is the base of your body that ultimately keeps you stable. Helen Mitchell, a physical therapist assistant, offers some great exercises written for Eastpoint Health & Fitness to strengthen your core. For more questions give us a […]

Bone Health

Whether or not you know this, bone health has a lot to do with mobility! Take a look at this article from MoveForwardPT to learn more about the different aspects of bone health and how to prevent injury. Physical therapists are experts in improving and restoring mobility and play an important role in ensuring optimal […]